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The pot garden – the garden to practice for beginners and advanced students

Gardening makes you happy. How can you try it out? If you can’t or don’t want to buy a big garden, you should try a small pot garden on the balcony. Quickly you will find a lot of joy in it and the pot garden grows….and grows.

Especially in cities and urban centers with high traffic density, the tiny green oases can bring a lot of joy. It takes us back to our roots when we can raise and care for plants. When you look over the blossoms you get a happy mood. Something like a vacation feeling sets in. Insects and butterflies are magically attracted. Harvesting is also fun. You find yourself talking to your plants. Gardening creates a healthy balance to the stressful technical world of work.

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Summer purslane – a low-maintenance wild vegetable

Summer purslane – a low-maintenance wild vegetable

Besides winter purslane, there is also true purslane, also called summer purslane (Portulaca oleracea). It originates from African regions. Therefore, it is not so frost-resistant. The plant also grows wild as a pioneer plant and is sometimes even called a weed....

Growing potatoes: The 3 most common mistakes

Growing potatoes: The 3 most common mistakes

Growing potatoes is not difficult. In order to harvest a lot of delicious tubers, be sure to avoid these mistakes. Whether in the bed or tub: potatoes are easy to grow yourself. During growth, the nightshade plants require little care, moreover, the cultivation period...

Cutting rubber tree: What you need to consider

Cutting rubber tree: What you need to consider

Do you want your rubber tree to grow bushier or more compact? Then pruning is a good idea. Here you can learn how to properly prune Ficus elastica. With its dark green, smooth leaves, the rubber tree (Ficus elastica) is one of the classics among green plants for the...

The pot garden

As the inventors of potted gardens, you might already suspect the ancient Greeks. Even in modern times, you can walk with pleasure through a Greek village and admire the many colorful gardens in pots. Most of the inhabitants decorate their houses in the narrow streets with many plant pots. With the narrow streets, there is really only room for one row of pots. But one would not want to do without a flower decoration in the mini-front garden even here.

Why a pot garden?

A pot garden has many advantages:

You don’t need much space. You are mobile and flexible. You can always rearrange the pots and adapt the planting to the season. You can try out a lot of things, which is difficult with a fixed planting and often only possible with losses.

You can choose a particular style (modern, playful, romantic, cottage garden, vegetable garden….) but also change it from time to time.

The only important thing is that you keep the leaves away from the garden. Ideal would be a makita leaf blower to have enough power and to be able to do everything quickly.

If pests attack the plants, you can quickly isolate the affected pots and fight the pests before they move to other pots.

Planters for pot gardens
The choice of container depends on the budget, but also on the available space. For perennials and woody plants that are not hardy, you also need to consider how and where to overwinter them.

You should decide whether you want to cultivate single plants in pots or an assortment of several plants. On this depends the size of the container.

Those who buy durable pots have done more for the environment than someone who constantly buys new plastic pots in fashionable colors. Also “upcycling” – the use of old, whimsical sometimes beautiful vessels (bowls, dishes, watering cans, dishes, pots, frying pans, olive oil cans, buckets, old boots, fruit boxes, with actually strange use is a recommendation.


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